Studio Policy


1. Teacher Commitments

Lessons are designed to be enjoyable, thorough and inspiring. Instrument technique, sight-reading, theory and aural skills will be taught regularly through a variety of formal and informal methods. Every student is individual, and lessons will be tailored to acknowledge this fact. The teacher’s main goal is to encourage and facilitate the enjoyment of music and music-making.


2. Student Responsibilities

The student is expected to be punctual to lessons and practice during the week, according to age and ability. If other commitments or circumstances prevent this, please inform the teacher so that necessary allowances can be made. If you are more than 5 minutes early to a lesson, please wait outside until your scheduled time.


3. Lesson Scheduling

The student’s weekly lesson time is to be booked before the beginning of the school term, for as many weeks as that term. Students will be billed for the whole term, or for the remainder of the term in which they enrol.


4. Payments

To secure the weekly lesson slot, the full term’s fees are to be paid by the first day of the school term or by the date specified on your invoice. These fees are non-refundable. If your circumstances do not permit full payment up front, please talk to your teacher to arrange a multi-payment plan. Fees can be paid via internet banking; bank details are provided on your invoice.


5. Cancellation

If a student cancels a lesson with less than 24 hours’ notice, that lesson is forfeited; no make-up or refund will be given. When a student cancels a lesson with at least 24 hours’ notice, a make-up credit will be issued. This make-up credit may only be used to book a different slot where another student has cancelled. Make-up lessons are not guaranteed or refundable, and are only able to be used during a term that student has paid for. If the teacher has to cancel a lesson it will be made up at the student’s convenience, or credited towards the next term’s lessons.